Farm to Glass Cocktails: The Mary Ann



At Boise, Idaho’s Mai Thai you can sample phenomenal flavors from any of the four regional cuisines of Thailand with the added bonus of staying in the Treasure Valley. Mai Thai has mastered the hand-crafted cocktail and has an all-star lineup of Mixologists serving up one legendary drink after another. If you’re looking for a cocktail that is simple to make, refreshing and flashy, take Mixologist Michael Reed’s advice and craft The Mary Ann for your next backyard barbecue this summer.

The Mary Ann:

  • 1.5oz 44º North® Mountain Huckleberry Vodka
  • 5oz Simple Syrup
  • .75oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • Shake With Ice
  • Strain Cocktail Over Ice
  • Top With 3oz San Pellegrino Limonite Soda
  • Top With A Lemon Twist & Skewered Cherry

When summer rolls around, a special fruit starts making its way from Idaho’s mountains into the cities. A wild cousin of the blueberry, praised for its tartness, hailed for its sweetness, the mountain huckleberry. The huckleberry has a thicker skin than the blueberry, allowing it to swell with sweet and tarty goodness. The Mountain Huckleberry Vodka in The Mary Ann perfectly compliments the lemon juice, playing off of the sweet, tart flavor and delivering a quick one-two punch to your taste buds. Just be sure to keep the measure of lemon juice to just under an ounce to highlight the flavor of the vodka. This cocktail is well balanced, thirst-quenching, surprising and a wholly new way to appreciate vodka.

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