Farm to Glass Cocktails: The Nectarine Lemon Drop

Nectarine Lemon Drop

Joint restaurants Berryhill and BACON are one of Boise’s ultimate duos. With BACON Bistro and Bar serving up some of the valley’s best breakfast dishes, and Berryhill’s Southern dining twist to the family dinner, some would say it’s a match made in heaven. Berryhill also caters for local events and has a live music schedule updated monthly. When you visit, be sure to ask their bartender to pair a great, specialty cocktail or fine wine with your meal. Bring the whole family or go out for a date, you won’t regret it.

Nectarine Lemon Drop

  • 2oz 44º North® Sunnyslope Nectarine Vodka
  • .75oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • 2 Dashes Angostura Bitters
  • Add Mixture to an Ice-Filled Shaker
  • Strain Into a Martini Glass
  • Rub and Garnish glass with Lemon Zest

Few drinks are as well known as the Lemon Drop. Traced back to the 70’s as a new take on the vodka martini, the lemon drop brings out a fresh twist on the classics. Now, take that same concept and mix it with our fresh 44º North® Sunnyslope Nectarine Vodka, and this cocktail takes on a whole new life. With the nectarine tones calming the lemon sour, and the Angostura bitters emphasizing fruity aromas darker colors, fans of a classic lemon drop are in for a tasty surprise. Enjoy on a summer or fall evening in a comfy lounge and you’ll feel right at home.

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